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Adding commands to Toolbars and Menus

Like many applications, EW has commands in menus that you'd prefer to have directly accessible, or even some that aren't on the default menus at all. With EW it's easy to customize the toolbars and put commands just where you want them.

Let's add the 'FP Include Page' (now restored in the EW V2 Beta), to the top 'Insert' menu.

Go to the top 'Tool's menu and select 'Customize'

Tools - Customize

Then go to the 'Commands' tab, select the 'Insert' Category in the left hand panel and then scroll right down to the bottom of the right hand 'Commands' panel to the 'Include Page' command. Left-click this command and drag it to the top 'Insert' menu/

Drag the Include Page command

Drop it wherever you want it in the menu.

Drag to the Insert menu

You now have have an insert option for the FP Include Page

Command now in place


You can also drag and drop commands onto the toolbars.  Lets add a 'Refresh' command to the main menu bar.

Follow the steps above, selecting the 'Refresh' command from the 'View' category. It's about half way down the right-hand command list.

Drag this and drop it next to the 'Save' icon on the main 'Common functions' toolbar. It's as simple as that!

Refresh command added

The end result is a direct Refresh command you can use with the mouse rather than using the 'View' menu or F5.


Other suggestions?

Add the 'Save All' command from the 'File' menu.

Add the 'Comment' command from the 'Insert' command list to the 'Insert' menu.