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Experimental responsive multi-level menu: Take 2

The first experimental menu converted the P7Express menu into a select box. This works well but is perhaps a little awkward on mobile devices.

This version uses the same basic method of a single menu on the page but this is now converted into a jQuery Accordion, rather than the select box.

You only need to provide the P7Express menu on the page and the mobile menu is created via jQuery when the page loads. It also works 'mobile-first' so the P7Exp styles aren't loaded unless it's being viewed on a tablet or desktop.

Test by resizing in your browser and on a mobile device.

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The P7 Express menu works in a wide range of browsers for IE5.x upwards.

The mobile menu has been tested in iOS (Safari, Opera Mini, Dolphin and Chrome), Android (native, Dolphin, Skyfire, Opera Mobile and Opera Mini) and Windows Phone 7/8.